Nutrition Info:
80 calories 1g sugar

Give a little twist to the traditional Margarita! By replacing the sugary base of a margarita with Pomegranate Amara you will lower the calories, but keep the delicious taste.

What goes in:

•1.5oz Tequila

•2oz Pomegranate Amara

•1  Lime Wedge Juice

•Lime Wedge and Pomegranate Seeds (for garnish)


Pour the tequila, Pomegranate Amara, lime wedge juice into a cocktail shaker. Once you’re done shaking, pour the contents into your favorite Margarita glass. Rim the glass with salt and add in the pomegranate seeds. Top it off with a lime wedge and POW! You have a Pomegranate Amargarita!

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