“There’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a having a great idea and having a great product.”

– Steve Jobs

Like Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, we believe craftsmanship makes the difference between the most gorgeous, well-built products we all love and the many great ideas that never come to fruition. We treat Amara like it’s the fine wine of sports drinks, working hard to source the perfect, high quality, and extremely beneficial ingredients. We’ve spent years perfecting the Paleo recipe for Amara and tracking down the highest quality ingredients on earth. For us, making the perfect Paleo sports drink relies on three main areas: sourcing, filling, and packaging.


A great Paleo crafted sports drink needs a foundation. Ours was built on taste, efficacy, and texture, using the highest quality Superfruit ingredients available on earth as our building blocks. Freshness, quality of the fruit, and farming techniques are key to Amara’s quality. Willing to go to any distance to find the best ingredients, we source our Maqui Berries from Chile’s Patagonia region, where for centuries the Mapuche tribe have sustainably farmed them.

We are even working with a local farmer in Santa Barbara to source the first California-grown Organic CoffeeBerry®. We only work with Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified farmers, ensuring Amara’s raw Paleo drinks fit our holistic Amara vision.

Cold Filling

Many of today’s consumer foods and drinks are highly processed, containing preservatives or artificial ingredients that can be harmful, and are certainly not Paleo / Zone diet friendly. The most common processing techniques include pasteurization, which cooks ingredients at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 10 minutes, to remove bacteria during bottling and packaging. Pasteurization kills microbial life, creating safer products. However, recent studies reveal that pasteurization also destroys a large amount of natural vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes.

To retain our ingredients’ highly beneficial attributes, the Amara team borrowed a lesson from the wine and juice industry and chose a pasteurization alternative–an organic microbial control system. Following its addition to the beverage, the system quickly breaks down into tiny amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide –natural components present in fruit and vegetable juices and wine– without affecting the beverage’s taste, odor, or color. The organic microbial control system means that Amara is cold-filled and all-natural, but still has a long shelf life, perfectly solving our desire for a flavorful, highly nutritious, unprocessed, and preservative-free Paleo drink that is also safe and practical.


At Amara, we care about healthy humans and a healthy planet. When it came to making decisions about how to package our perfectly concocted raw beverage, we worked hard to make our bottle with all recyclable materials, seeking out innovative suppliers who are developing a 100% biodegradable bottle and label. Our packaging was designed to fit our environmental sustainability values, and to sit comfortably in an athlete’s hand. We made our labels with a matte instead of a gloss finish so athletes can easily grip it during a workout. You might have noticed that our packaging looks good, too (hey, thanks!). With the expert advice of the McLean Design team, we refined our image and together developed the prehistoric lava “A” that now adorns all of our packages and gear.